LLC Research and Production Center “European Engineering Technologies” is the leader of a group of combined enterprises operating on the market for more than 10 years, since 2006. carries out independent activities to introduce innovative domestic and foreign technologies into production.

The main areas of activity are:

– scientific activity together with leading research institutes and universities of the country (NP NPK Energostal, NTU KhPI, NAU named after N.E. Zhukovsky “KHI”), on research and development in the field of energy, mechanical engineering, casting technologies, etc.;

– design developments, creation of new models of equipment and design of model equipment using CAD;

– additive production (3D-printing) using a selective laser sintering plant Vanguard HS (USA), a laser stereolithography plant SLA-5000 (USA);

– production, installation, commissioning of automobile and car strain gauges, fundless weights for static and dynamic weighing;

– design and manufacture of chimneys, ventilation systems, non-standard equipment (including stainless steel);

– volume scanning using the Iscan II optical-digital system (Imric, Switzerland), reverse engineering, contactless control of complex products;

– foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including: sharpened casting of aluminum alloys under a low, adjustable pressure according to elastic models in a single gypsum shape, centrifugal method with a horizontal and vertical axis of rotation (brass, bronze), cast iron and high-alloy steel casting;

– electric slag remelting of steels;

– services of a certified testing laboratory: research of physical, mechanical and physicochemical properties of metals, alloys, as well as finished products;

– galvanic production, including surface hardening and giving special properties to parts made of aluminum and its alloys (solid (deep) anodizing and microdual oxidation);

– machining using modern multi-coordinate and universal machines, engraving and milling machine for model masses, installation of hydroforming metal cutting, etc.

There are own, conveniently located covered and closed storage areas with road and railway entrances, it is possible to work with non-residents through a customs licensed warehouse. There is a constant range of metal products (sheet, grade and pipe rolled), which is at least a thousand tons of products from corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and acid-resistant stainless steels and alloys.

The company is constantly developing and taking part in large investment, construction and infrastructure projects together with Energostal Research Institute, NTU HPI, NAU named after N.E. Zhukovsky “KAI,” at the facilities of Metinvest Holding, Ostchem Group and Business Group DTEK, PJSC Severstal.

We strive to always take into account the needs of partners and aim to work on new projects to expand business opportunities, so we are ready to consider any proposals for the implementation of joint projects.